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Important News: CDT has been bought by Munami Inc!

As of March 21st 2011, Munami Inc. has purchased the assets of CDT Inc. The buyout further strengthens the global marketing force through the introduction of new and exciting products, innovative technologies and the confidence of marketing a business with legal credibility. With this acquisition here are few matters that will remain the same for existing Marketers:

Your downline will still follow you
Your accounts will remain the same
You will still be able to earn a marketing income

We have retained many of the same staff you are familiar with, allowing us to blend
the knowledge gained from CDT with the superior innovations of Munami. We will
work with you to make the transition and integration process as smooth as possible.
We understand that you may have questions about these changes,
please contact us at any time. Welcome to a new beginning!

The Founders and Associates of Munami Inc



If you are an existing client migrating to Münami - you must set up your new Login ID
which will allow you to access your accounts.

This is strictly a one-time procedure that will allow you to manage all your existing User IDs into ONE Login ID.

How to set up your Login ID:

1 Enter ANY one of your existing User ID and existing password, then click Login


Update your personal information (Remember to click 1 to complete all 4 tabs) then click Save.


You can then attach your other existing User IDs to your new Login ID. If you do not see all of your existing User IDs during this setup, contact Customer Service or Email us at to properly migrate all your existing User IDs into one Login ID.

Please do not attempt to repeat this one-time procedure as it may restrict your account privileges and delay your marketing income.

Master Login































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