Layaway Plan Agreement

Please read this document in its entirety as it contains all the information you need to know about the Munami Layaway Purchase Plan.

This Layaway agreement is between the buyer (also referred to as 'Customer', 'Purchaser', 'Marketer' or 'You') and the Seller (also referred to as 'Munami', the 'Company' or 'Our') for a layaway purchase of the Company's products and services.

Munami is proud to offer a convenient and flexible Layaway Purchase Plan to its Customers around the world. Our Layaway is a purchase plan designed for customers who want to buy Munami merchandise without paying the full price immediately.

The terms of the layaway purchase plan is outlined below:

  • The Munami Layaway purchase plan is accepted for products over $200 USD, including taxes, shipping charges and other fees. Munami reserves the right to restrict the Layaway purchase plan on certain products, to certain regions across the globe, at specific times of the year, on sale items, or to any individual, when necessary or as required.
  • Munami reserves the right to adjust any fees, charges and shipping costs to reflect true costs at the time of shipment and will be due prior to delivery of your order being shipped.
  • Munami reserves the right to deduct funds from your Available Balance on account for payments due, without prior notice.
  • Our Layaway purchase plan requires a minimum initial deposit of 45% of the total price, including any applicable taxes, and the remaining balance is divided up into four (4) equal payments and will be reflected on Schedule 1, the Payment Schedule.

    For Example:

    Total Price: $700.00 April 20, 2011
    Initial Deposit (45%) (315.00) April 20, 2011
    Balance Due $385.00 divided by 4  
    Installment 1: $96.25 June 20, 2011
    Installment 2: $96.25 August 20, 2011
    Installment 3: $96.25 October 20, 2011
    Installment 4: $96.25 December 20, 2011


  • Payments can be made as frequently as you like, but, in order to keep your Munami Layaway purchase plan agreement in good standing our Layaway purchase plan requires that an installment payment be made at least every 60 days, which will be applied against the total price of your Layaway purchase, calculated from the date of the initial Layaway set-up.
  • Munami will remove the product ordered from our inventory for you and hold it for you until your payments have been completed, including adjusted fees, charges and shipping costs. Your layaway merchandise is kept in a special area awaiting shipment processing.
  • If you would like your product to be Customized or Altered, the process will not begin until all payments have been made for the total purchase amount and until all fees are paid.
  • A layaway purchase can be cancelled within 40 days of the initial deposit. A nonrefundable restocking fee is charged on any Layaway purchase plan canceled or terminated within this time frame and any remaining funds will be refunded. There are NO REFUNDS after 40 days.
  • There are NO REFUNDS on purchases where any Rewards, Credits or Points earned from the purchase, whether the purchase is complete or incomplete, are used at any time.
  • A product exchange will be granted for any item that is received defective according to the product exchange policy. A product exchange will be honored for the same item.
  • If for any reason the goods become no longer available, the customer can choose another product of equal value; price, rewards, points and credits. Munami will honor the new order and make any adjustments as necessary. There are NO REFUNDS.
  • Munami reserves the right to partially fulfill any products in your Order separately, without prior notice to you.
  • There will be no administrative, handling or processing charges in connection with the set-up of your Layaway purchase plan.
  • The Layaway Purchase Plan Application and the Layaway Payment Agreement form must be completed in full and returned to our Achievers Support Division within 5 business days of the initial deposit payment. If submitted late, the Late Application Submission Fee will be charged.

    Fees List    
    Fees Type Amount USD Notes
    Restocking Fee 12% of purchase price, excluding tax. Non-refundable
    Missed or Late Payment Fee $20.00 * Late Payment Fee charged if payment is received after the due date.
    ** Non-Refundable Re-stocking Fee charged if payment is more than 70 days late.
    Cancellation / Termination Fee 12% of purchase price, excluding tax. Must be requested within 40 days of the initial deposit.

    Non-Refundable Re-stocking Fee charged
    Refund Fee 12% of purchase price, excluding tax. * Must be qualified for Refund.

    ** Non-Refundable Re-stocking Fee charged
    Exchange Fee $0 Must be qualified for an exchange.

    Exchange is honored for the same item.

    Restocking Fee may apply depending on the product.
    Late Application Submission Fee $10.00 Non-refundable

    App submission is within 5 business days of initial deposit.

  • If a product goes on Sale, the price on the Layaway purchase plan remains firm. The Layaway purchase plan will be billed at the initial agreed upon price, whether the product goes on special or has a price increase later. Munami reserves the right to make a price change or adjustment on a price error.
  • Depending on the courier used or the region, please note that Munami can only ship to exact street addresses, and cannot ship to post office boxes, APO or FPO addresses.
  • Your receipt of an electronic or other form of order confirmation does not signify our acceptance of your order, nor does it constitute confirmation of our offer to sell. We may require additional verifications or information before accepting any order. If additional information is necessary, we will contact you via email at the email address you provided with your order, or by telephone at the telephone number(s) provided with your order or on your account. Munami reserves the right to accept or decline your order for any reason at any time.

Our Layaway Agreement requires that the following documents be signed, dated, and returned to: or faxed to 1-905-364-0578 within 5 business days of making your initial deposit.

(a) a signed copy of this Layaway Agreement.
(b) a signed and dated Schedule 1 (your payment plan).
(c) one copy of your government identification which includes your photo and signature.

Upon submission, please save the auto-response email you receive as proof of your application submission.

The Purchaser indicates by his/her signature that he/she has read and completely understands the Layaway Purchase Plan Terms and Conditions and agrees to abide, and be bound by the same. Purchaser acknowledges that he/she understands all the terms and conditions of this layaway contract including the Payment Schedule, Schedule 1. Purchaser further agrees and understands that any disputes arising out of this contract are subject to the jurisdiction of and in accordance with the laws of the Province of Ontario, Canada.