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Amazing Body Hydrating Lotion

Aloe Vera and nourishing oils + hydrating microclusters = a breakthrough formula of hydrogen powered antioxidants that revitalize and firm your skin—naturally.

The Amazing Body Hydrating Lotion combines aloe vera, flax seed oil, almond and sage with hydrating microclusters that allow these nutrients to penetrate deeply and nourish the cell lining.

The break-through formula

Skin damage can be prevented and even reversed through the application of antioxidants and the most powerful antioxidant known is pure activated hydrogen. Amazing Body Hydrating Lotion is part of the only line of cosmetics that contain active hydrogen. The innovative formula increases the flow of nutrients across the cell membrane by over 2 ½ times. Hydrogen powered antioxidants are absorbed by the skin with a delivery system that penetrates deep beneath the surface. Revitalize, firm and hydrate your skin with this one of a kind product. See for yourself why this is a revolution in skin care.

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Crystal Energy

Remove toxic metals like mercury, lead, cadmium and PCBs from your body with Dr. Patrick Flanagan’s patented product, Crystal Energy.

The dangers of toxic metals

As long as we are living on earth; ingesting and inhaling toxic metals comes with the territory. There is mercury in our fish, lead in our electric cables and PCBs can be found pretty much everywhere in our environment. Many of these toxins are associated with illness and disease like Alzheimer’s, Cancer, birth defects and decreased intelligence. Despite the rampant presence of these chemicals in our environment, it is very important we continue to find ways of living toxin-free. This is precisely what Dr. Flanagan had in mind when he created Crystal Energy- a revolutionary product that removes toxic metals from our bodies. If you are looking to take action and protect yourself, this is definitely the product for you.


How it works

Crystal EnergyCrystal Energy is a tasteless, odorless supplement that you add to your drinking water. The liquid formula contains a revolutionary nano-sized Flanagan Microcluster designed to enclose toxins in your body. Very tiny spheres made of silica encapsulate toxic metals so your system recognizes them as harmless. Once enclosed, your body can easily dispose of these harmful toxins. Crystal Energy also facilitates the disposal process by hydrating your cells 6 times faster than regular tap or bottled water. This means toxins get out faster and nutrients get into your cells to repair damage and increase functionality.


Major health benefits of Crystal Energy

  • Increases hydration

  • Contains natural anti-aging properties

  • Neutralizes harmful toxins like Fluoride, Chlorine, Mercury, etc.

  • Increases the absorption of other supplements

  • Increases zeta potential of human cells

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Mega Hydrate

Mega Hydrate is known as the most powerful antioxidant for one reason. It contains the most effective scavenger of free radicals - Hydrogen.


The Importance of Hydrogen

All life on Earth is dependent on Hydrogen for survival and it is the key source of energy for the human body. We obtain Hydrogen ions when we eat fresh uncooked plants, fruits, vegetables and water. As a consequence of mass food production, mineral deficient soil, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, over-processed foods, chemical preservatives, chlorinated and over-fluoridated water, millions of people are simply not getting enough Hydrogen ions. Cell damage occurs when the body has insufficient Hydrogen ions since this causes chemicals in the body to lose their electrons and become positively charged, a process known as “oxidization”. These positively charged ions, or “free radicals,” roam freely through our body stealing electrons from other cells and causing damage to our health in a variety of ways. The majority of modern science has concluded that aging is the result of damage to millions of the body’s cells through oxidization. Hydrogen is the most effective scavenger of free radicals and with billions of Hydrogen ions in one capsule of Mega Hydrate, giving your body the Hydrogen it needs is as easy taking a glass of water.


Facts about Dehydration

  • 75% of people are chronically dehydrated

  • In 37% of people, thirst is often mistaken for hunger since their thirst mechanism is extremely weak

  • Even mild dehydration can slow the metabolism process by up to 3%

  • Insufficient water intake is the #1 reason for daytime fatigue


About Mega Hydrate

Mega HydrateMega Hydrate is considered a food grade supplement rich in antioxidants by the FDA. Since it is a “pure” antioxidant that does not turn into a free radical itself after donating its electron, taken daily, Mega Hydrate delivers far more hydrogen ions than eating pounds of raw fruits and vegetables. By hydrating the body, Mega Hydrate is able to challenge the symptoms of dehydration and minimize the aging process while also providing a long list of other health benefits.


The Key Ingredient

Mega Hydrate contains the active ingredient Silica Hydride, a compound known to positively affect the “zeta potential” of blood cells. Zeta potential is an electrical charge that describes how far apart cells are from one another. The greater the zeta potential the more space there is between cells. An increased zeta potential has many health benefits since toxins, viral matter, fungi and bacteria trapped between cells can be expelled more readily. More importantly, water can enter cells a lot easier which is a vital component of anti-aging, life extension and the removal of free radicals and waste.

The test below has been replicated by several scientists and has consistently yielded the same results.

Take a look…

A sample of the test subject’s blood was taken and analyzed under a microscope. See
Before" picture .

Before Photo A microscopic view of a blood sample from a subject with low zeta potential. As you can see the blood cells are clumped together and waste elements are trapped between them. The clustered effect may be evidence of dehydration from alcohol, caffeine, heat and stress.

The subject was given 2 mg capsules of Silica Hydride (the active ingredient in MegaHydrate) mixed with 8oz of water. Twenty minutes later, another blood sample was taken from the subject and viewed under a microscope. Have a look at "After" picture.

After Photo Evenly dispersed blood cells and an indication of high zeta potential. The substances that were once trapped in between cells have been cleansed. The surface area of cells has drastically increased and an exponential amount of nutrients can come into the cells as more toxins are removed.


Major health benefits of Mega Hydrate

  • Combats dehydration and significantly increase hydration at the cellular level

  • Dramatically reduces free radicals, heavy metals and other toxins from the body

  • Contains natural and significant anti-aging effects

  • Provides natural pain relief from headaches, joint pain and inflammation

  • Increases your energy and enhances your immunity

  • Increases your metabolism

  • Increases zeta potential of cells

  • Increases absorption of other supplements

  • Balances your pH based upon what your body needs


Some things you should know about Mega Hydrate and Crystal Energy...

It’s for everyone.
Mega Hydrate is beneficial for all ages and there are no side effects. You can even give Mega Hydrate to your pet!

It’s safe.
The FDA considers Mega Hydrate a food grade supplement rich in antioxidants. Its healing effects have also been scientifically proven.

It’s worth sharing.
Spread the word about Mega Hydrate and the importance of Hydrogen to those around you.

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