Power Medallion Education

The Münami Power Medallion provides you with a lengthy list of spectacular health benefits. It is made from volcanic rock and minerals that emit negative ions which greatly improve our body's mood, energy level and overall health. With the Power Medallion, you can use the power of nature to help you feel stronger and healthier. All you have to do is wear it!

Quality tested and loaded with the power of negative ions, the Münami Power Medallion is a great introduction to our new wellness line. Athletes and top motivational mentors are among many who use this natural technology to reach their optimum level of performance. Learn more about how the Münami Power Medallion can improve your physical and mental wellbeing, while protecting you from harmful environmental influences. Why not be a more powerful ü.



Power Medallion Education

  • Negative Ions: Vitamins of the air

    Learn the basics about ions and use them to increase your energy, block EMFs and enhance your life.

  • Prove the Power!

    Let science reveal how negative ions help in healing joint pains, migraines and hypertension while promoting anti-aging.

  • Experience the Power!

    Learn how to wear and care for your Münami Power Medallion.

  • A Lifetime of Benefits

    Receive the benefits of negative ions forever! Learn more about your Power Medallion’s lifetime warranty.